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Program Effectiveness & Planning Committee (PEPC)

Program Viability


Request for Program/Major Discontinuance Originating From the Discipline Where the Program Resides [Word doc] (Please note: Use of this process is only for requests originating from the discipline where the program in question resides. For all other circumstances, see the Program Viability process below.)


  • Program Viability Review is a process meant to assure that the College’s instructional resources are used in response to the College’s Mission, its Educational Master Plan, the needs of its students, and the requirements of the community it serves.
  • Viability review involves a specific process, one that is a result of the regular Program Review process, or upon special request.
  • The term program as it relates to this review process includes all degree and certificate instructional programs, all instructional disciplines, and all departments or other campus units offering instruction.
  • Board Rule 6803 requires that each college, in consultation with its Academic Senate, develop procedures for initiating and conducting a viability review of educational programs.
  • Board Rule 6803.10, Education Code 78016, and Title 5, §51022(a) require that a viability review be conducted prior to program discontinuance (termination).
  • This policy shall supersede the existing Program Discontinuance Process.
  • If the recommendation resulting from the viability review is Departmental Reorganization and is accepted at all levels, then the standard Department Modification Process is bypassed.


Viability review committees make recommendations that include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Program Initiation
    The institution or adoption of a new program, a new discipline, or a new department
  2. Program Modification and Improvement
    A plan of action to enhance the performance and effectiveness of an existing program, discipline, or department
  3. Departmental Reorganization
    The restructuring of an existing program, discipline, or department for greater effectiveness, including the joining of smaller departments into a larger one, or splitting a larger department into smaller ones.
  4. Program Discontinuance
    The discontinuance (termination) of an existing program, discipline, or department
    • In general, program discontinuance should be recommended only after a serious attempt has been made to improve program effectiveness and efficiency, unless it is clear that future efforts at remediation are not warranted.
    • Pursuant to Board Rule 6803.10, a viability review is required prior to program discontinuance and must consider the following:
      1. The effects on students and student success if the program is discontinued;
      2. Provisions that can and should be made for students in progress to complete their training;
      3. The impact that discontinuance of the program will have on the comprehensiveness and balance of offerings across the college curriculum and within the district;
      4. How the program’s discontinuance would impact the educational and budget-planning process used at the institution;
      5. How the program’s discontinuance affects the region;
      6. The effects of the program’s discontinuance on transfer to four-year colleges and universities;
      7. The effects of the program’s discontinuance on local businesses and industries;
      8. The effects of the program’s discontinuance on faculty and staff.
    • “The College President and College Academic Senate President shall make program discontinuance recommendations to the Board of Trustees for approval. The recommendation shall include a description of the viability review process and the reasons for the recommendation.” [Board Rule 6803.10]

For a complete description of the viability review process at LAVC, see the policy linked at the top of this page.

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