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Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC)

Program Pathways


LA Valley College has defined an instructional program as a major education pathway that a student takes through the institution. We have three such pathways:

  • Foundational Program
  • Career-Technical Education (CTE) Program
  • General Education (GE)/Transfer Program

The three programs have a few common goals, such as Communication Skills and Reasoning Skills, and a few that are unique to the program (e.g., Technical Skills for the CTE Program and Global Awareness for the GE/Transfer Program). Complete descriptions of these pathways can be found below.

With the adoption of eLumen in Fall 2015, all course outcomes are aligned to the appropriate pathway by department chairs. View the “Subjects and their related Program Pathway” PDF to see which program pathway your subject belongs to. This allows for regular data collection, more frequent reporting, and disaggregation of data. For instructions on alignment, please click here for a video or consult this powerpoint presentation from June 2016.


Foundational Program Outcomes

The Foundational Program includes those courses coded as being at the basic skills, precollegiate level. The goals focus on the improvement of communication skills, reasoning skills, and academic habits of mind. Students in this program may be seeking personal enrichment, the strengthening of skills relative to employment, or to progress to collegiate-level courses. The outcomes are: 1) Communication Skills, 2) Reasoning Skills, and 3) Academic Habits of Mind.

Career-Technical Education Outcomes

The CTE program includes disciplines that have a CTE TOP code. The primary emphasis of the program is for students to achieve their goals relative to employment and includes general skills in communication and reasoning , specific technical skills appropriate to the field of study, and an emphasis on demonstrating professional behavior. The outcomes are: 1) Communication Skills, 2) Reasoning Skills, 3)Professional Behavior, and 4) Technical Skills.


General Education/Transfer Program Outcomes

General Education/Transfer outcomes represent skills and concepts students will learn upon completion of the general education requirements for a degree or transfer to a 4-year institution. These outcomes are broad based and cut across the curriculum bringing coherence and connection to the learning experience. Imbedded in these are the greater goals of critical thinking and life-long learning. The outcomes are: 1) Reasoning Skills, 2) Communication Skills, 3) Global Awareness, and 4) Social Responsibility and Personal Development.