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Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC)

Course, Program, and Service Outcome Reports 


Course Student Learning Outcomes

Assessment and instituting improvements based on assessment are at the heart of the SLO process. 

Course SLOs (links to ECD - See SLO addendum in Section VIII of course outline)

Course SLO Reports - Completed assessment reports are now housed in eLumen. Copies of old reports can be found in the SharePoint site (please click on links below).

  • Planning and Tracking - Department Assessment Plans (DAPs) and tracking have now been combined into a single file

Program Pathway Outcomes

Program SLOs: General Education, Career Technical Education and Foundational Skills Pathways

  • Program Outcome Reports will be available in eLumen after all courses have been aligned to the appropriate Program Pathway

Service Outcomes by Division

Service Outcome Reports - Completed assessment reports are now housed in Program Review

Tracking - When was this service assessed?

Academic Affairs

Administrative Services

Student Services

President's Office