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Faculty Privacy in eLumen

eLumen is structurally designed to provide the most possible anonymity and privacy for faculty members. Individual faculty members are the only users in eLumen that can view their own section-level data. Course Coordinators, Department Coordinators (aka Department Chairs), and Data Stewards (SLO Coordinators and Dean who works on SLOs) can view course, discipline, and department-level reports that only show aggregated data at the respective level. They cannot go into eLumen and view an individual instructor's section-level data. In the spirit of transparency, all users should know that the only exception to this is if only one section of a course is offered than there is no way to mask the privacy of the individual instructor in the various reports. If you have any questions or concerns about this or other aspects of eLumen, please contact an SLO Coordinator or the Dean who works on SLOs.

Please note: eLumen works best with the Chrome web browser.

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