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Committee Members

Yih-Mei Hu, Chair and SLO Course Coordinator
Cheryl Pearson, Program Pathway Coordinator
Rafael Arias, GE Pathway
Patrick Hunter, Foundational Pathway
Cynthia Cohen, Faculty At-Large
Reginald Hubbard, Faculty At-Large
Annie Goldman Reed, Student Services
Sarah Song, Administrative Services
Matthew Jordan, Academic Affairs
Rebecca Frank, Curriculum Chair (resource member)
Christina Peter, PEPC Chair (resource member)
Michelle Fowles, Institutional Effectiveness (resource member)



Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC)

SLO Contacts


Outcomes Assessment Coordinators
Yih-Mei Hu
Course Coordinator
(818) 947-2346

Cheryl Pearson
Program Pathway Coordinator
(818) 778-5887

Academic Affairs SLO Representative
Matthew Jordan
Dean, Academic Affairs
(818) 947-2316

Administrative Services SLO Representative
Sarah Song 
Associate VP, Administrative Services
(818) 947-2606

Service Outcomes Assessment Workgroup & Student Services SLO Representative
Annie Goldman Reed
Associate Dean
(818) 947-2320