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Instructional Programs Committee (ARCHIVE)

Program Review


This page is an historical archive of IPC (as of 2009).

There are new committees that currently have IPC's functions:
FTE assignment - EPC (
Program Review - PEPC (
Faculty hiring - PEPC (
Educational Master Plan - EPC (

Program Review

The Program Review process runs in five year cycles and is fully documented in the

Program Review Handbook [Word doc: 463KB] or [PDF: 278KB].

  1. The department begins by making a comprehensive review of the Curriculum; for more information, see theLAVC Curriculum Committee (VCCC) website. This typically happens the year before the Program Review is due.
  2. The department then reviews their programs (degrees and certificates) in order to assess the success of their students.
    • Working with the Research and Planning office, a student survey and student profile is produced for analysis.
    • The faculty engage in discussion of their programs, utilizing the information from the curriculum review, the student survey and profile, and other relevant documents, e.g., Student Learning Outcomes forms, Department Goals and Objectives.
    • The goal is to identify strengths, challenges, and a plan of action for the next five years. Note that most sections of the Review document are useful for other needs and reports, e.g., Hiring Requests, Budget Plans, Technology Plan.
  3. The department writes the Program Review Document based on the information gathered and analyzed in steps 1 and 2 above.
  4. The department presents their document and the "lessons learned" from the review process to IPC. This entails sending the narrative file to the IPC Chair no later than two weeks prior to the IPC meeting in which the presentation is to take place. (This enables IPC members to read the report.) The department brings 20 copies of their Exectutive Summary to the IPC meeting (as a handout to use when they talk about their review) and one hard copy of the entire report. The IPC Chair will deliver the hard copy to the Office of Academic Affairs when the signature sheets are copied for inclusion.

Click here to see the status of each department's Program Review.

Click here to see the Executive Summaries of completed Program Reviews.

Should you find a problem with a link or have a question relating to IPC, please email the Chair of IPC: Sally Raskoff.

Executive Summaries from past Program Reviews.