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Instructional Programs Committee (ARCHIVE)

Faculty Positions


This page is an historical archive of IPC (as of 2009).

There are new committees that currently have IPC's functions:
FTE assignment - EPC (
Program Review - PEPC (
Faculty hiring - PEPC (
Educational Master Plan - EPC (

When a department has a need to expand or replace a faculty position, there are two options, depending on what type of replacement is needed. These processes are fully documented in the Faculty Hiring Handbook [PDF: 547KB].

If a full time probationary (permanent) position is needed:

  1. In the late summer/early fall, IPC announces the distribution of the Faculty Position Request form [Word doc: 74KB] and the due date. Typically, the due date is Monday of the last full week of September.
  2. During IPC's October meeting, departments that have requested a position come for a short appointment to present their needs and, after hearing all presentations, IPC ranks these positions based on the information presented and the needs of the college as a whole.
  3. IPC presents the ranked list to the Senate (October meeting), which then presents it to the President (Consultation).
  4. The President makes a decision based on these recommendations and recommendations from the Budget Committee as to how many hires can take place.
  5. Notification is then made to departments and those hiring attend training in the hiring process.

If a full time limited or substitute (temporary) position is needed:

The same process above is followed, although the timeline is not limited to September. This would also include Instructor, Special Assignments (ISAs), and Consulting Instructors (CIs). The request should come to IPC when it is needed.

Click here for a file that lists all departments/disciplines and the history of requests and rankings since 2002: IPC Rankings by Department and Discipline [PDF: 6KB].

Click here for a flowchart representation of the faculty position request and hiring process: IPC Flow Chart of Hiring Process [PDF: 12KB].

Should you find a problem with a link or have a question relating to IPC, please email the Chair of IPC: Sally Raskoff.