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Committee Meeting Dates

Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2 pm.

Location: Administration & Career Advancement Building (ACA) 2502. 

Committee Members

Raul Castillo, Director, LAVC Foundation
Deborah diCesare, Dean, Academic Affairs
Sherri Rodriguez,
Dean, Student Services

Faculty Members 
Ruby Christian-Brougham, Psychology
Howard Levine, Business
Xiaoyang Liu-Behlendorf, Library
Ellie Rabani, CalWORKs
Marni Roosevelt, Child Development

Classified Members
Sorangel Hernandez, SFP Director
Nona Matatova, Grants  Coordinator 
Robert Medina,  College Financial Administrator
Alicen Vera, CalWORKs    

Student Member
Elen Sargsyan, ASU

Resource Members
Michelle Fowles, Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
Laurie Nalepa, Dean, Academic Affairs
Sarah Song, Associate VP Administrative Services



Grants Committee

Grants Committee


Upcoming Grants Committee Meetings


September 19, 2018    ACA 2502           2 pm    
October 17, 2018 ACA 2502 2 pm
November 21, 2018 ACA 2502 2 pm
February 20, 2019 ACA 2502 2 pm
March 20, 2019 ACA 2502 2 pm
April 17, 2019 ACA 2502 2 pm
May 15, 2019 ACA 2502 2 pm

The purpose of the Grants Committee

  • The Grants Committee (GC) mission is to ensure all grants are in alignment with the college's Mission Statement, Educational Master Plan, and all college initiatives.

Grants Committee Policy Statement

  • All grants should identify and provide specific benefits to the college, which are in alignment with the Mission Statement and Educational Master Plan.

  • All grant submissions must follow the campus-approved process to address the effect on college resources. Fiscal impact to any unrestricted funds or a significant operational impact to the college requires fiscal review as well as approval by the Education Planning Committee and the Institutional Effectiveness Council.

  • All grants should ensure collaboration in coordinating activities throughout implementation.