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Committee Members

Steve Barakat
Lilit Davoyan
Deborah diCesare
Lisa DiDonato
Patrick Hunter
John Kawai
Margaret Sarkisyan
Scott Weigand

Downloadable Docs

Basic Skills Completion

Poppy Copy of Best Practices [PDF: 1MB]



Foundational Skills Committee

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Multiple Measures Assessment Project

RP Group Website on Multiple Measures

Resources for Pilot Schools Participating in the Project

14/15 LAVC Placement Summary

Model Summary/Rubrics for English and Math

Let Icarus Fly PDF Presentation from Dr. Hetts

Upcoming Events

Webinar: Please mark your calendar for the MMAP Webinar on September 23, 2015 from 2-3 p.m. Four pilot colleges will share their experiences with the implementation of multiple measures.  

Call In Information: Telephone conference line: 1-888-886-3951;  Participant passcode: 919826; Go to; Click Webinars Participant Log In; Locate your meeting and click Go; Fill out the form and click connect

In-Person Convening: The convening will be an opportunity to engage with the research team as well as other colleges on multiple measures implementation. We will also provide training sessions for colleges working through their implementation plans. 

For pilot colleges in the South, the event will be on October 27 at Cypress College from 11-3. 

RSVP Here:


  • RP Group
    Links to best practices: click here
  • Resources from LINKS 2 Conference in Monarch Hall on 10/29/10:
    • Katie Hern and Myra Snell's morning presentation on Attrition in Developmental Sequences and Acceleration models for Math and English: click here
    • Craig Haywards's presentation on the Transfer Velocity Project: click here
    • Transfer Velocity Data Mart tool from Craig Hayward's presentation: click here
    • Alicia Dowd's  presentation (from USC) on Using Data to Design Effective Action Plans: click here

Student Success and Basic Skills