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Committee Members

Lilit Davoyan
Deborah diCesare
Lisa DiDonato
Patrick Hunter
John Kawai

Ron Mossler
Margaret Sarkisyan
Scott Weigand

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Basic Skills Completion

Poppy Copy of Best Practices [PDF: 1MB]



Foundational Skills Committee

Foundational Skills Committee


What is the Foundational Skills Committee?

Los Angeles Valley College’s Foundational Skills Committee was established to address the California Community College Basic Skills Initiative (CCCBSI). The CCCBSI focuses on "the need to provide basic skills, and by extension English as a Second Language (ESL), education to students underprepared for college-level work, including those unable to pass the California High School Exit Exam; address the unmet needs of the California Community College System in the area of basic skills education as noted in the 2006 System Office Strategic Plan; and attend to the professional development needs of community college faculty as they seek to provide basic skills courses/programs in their efforts to ensure students succeed" (


Foundational Skills Committee Mission Statement:
Los Angeles Valley College’s Foundational Skills Initiative provides a comprehensive and integrated college-wide approach giving students the necessary skills and support to successfully complete their classes and move through a cohesive sequence of college courses. With a combination of academic support, student services, and professional development for faculty, students will be better able to reach their educational goals, whether those be the attainment of certificates, AA degrees, transfer, career advancement, or self improvement.

Integrated Planning

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