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Committee Members

Chris Bonvenuto, (co-chair) Vice President, Administrative Services
Hau-Wen Feng, (co-chair) Yang Management
Karen Daar Vice President, Academic Affairs
Florentino Manzano, Vice President, Student Services
Tom Lopez, Director, College Facilities
Nick Giglia, Interim Manager, College Information Systems
Annie Goldman Reed, Teamsters Representatives
Eric Swelstad, Academic Senate Representative
Lawrence T. Nakamura, AFT Faculty - President
Dana N. Lubow, Faculty Representative
Marla H. O'Connell, Faculty Representative
Jim Fenwick, Faculty Representative
Meredith Leonard, WEC Chair
Luke Davis, Classified Representative
Mary John, Classified Representative
Israel Ortiz, Classified Representative
Cyndi Maddren, Classified Representative
Mike Suskin, ASU Student Representative
Alma Johnson-Hawkins,  (ex-officio) Interim College President
Jennifer Fong Borucki, (resource) Manager, Public Relations
Tanya Roton, (CPM Team) Yang Management
Robert Tellez, (CPM Team) Yang Management



Bond Work Group (BWG)



The meeting minutes posted on this Web page are intended to be a general summary of the matters reported relative to current campus projects and may not set forth all of the facts or circumstances that were discussed or that may be relevant to a complete and accurate description or understanding of a particular question under consideration.

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