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Student Equity Plan



The student equity plan was suspended by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office on July 5, 2016, with a mandate to integrate the SSSP, Basic Skills, and Student Equity efforts. In line with the mandate, Los Angeles Valley College has created an integrated plan.

Details of the plan and corresponding committee can be found on the Valley Integrated Planning Committee website below.


Student Equity Mission

Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) is committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve the same level of success regardless of demographic factors that put some students a disadvantage.

The student equity plan is in line with the LAVC Educational Master Plan (EMP). The opportunity to explore student equity through the assignment given by the Chancellor’s Office, with the generous support of the state, provides us with further data and resources to address student equity gaps.

The California Community College Chancellor’s Office has identified the following target groups: African-American, Latino, males and females, Veterans, Foster Youth, DSPS, and Low-Income students.

The Los Angeles Valley Equity Committee was charged with the task of completing this plan and included the following members:

Committee Members

Florentino Manzano (VP Student Services), Llanet Martin (Associate Dean Student Equity), Holly Batty, James Bland, Vernon Bridges, Steve Castillo, Anna Cheshmedzhyan, Andres Cruzalegui, Karen Daar, Marco De La Garza, Silvia Diaz, Deborah DiCesare, Ashley Dunn, Michelle Fowles, Meghan Cason Gaynor, Barbara Goldberg, Clive Gordon, David Green, John Kawai, Deborah Kaye, Katherine Tejeda May,  Sheyda Melkonian, Joshua Miller, Keidra Morris, Ronald Mossler, Elizabeth Negrete, Sherri Rodriguez, La Vergne Rosow, Raquel Sanchez, Rebecca Stein, Joseph Thomas, Joel Trudgeon, Julia Mendoza-Vasquez, Bill Wallis, Scott Weigand, Amari Williams and appointed ASO Student Representative.

Valley Integrated Planning

Resources 2015-2016

Resources 2014-2015